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Border Country

in Liberty Tales  to be published by Arachne Press on 17 November


Another story about Buck, Rhys and Lewis, who are introduced in 'Call me Dolores' and also feature in A Baker’s Dozen. Here Rhys uses his knowledge of Magna Carta to rescue two maidens in distress at a livestock market in Ludlow.


The stories in Liberty Tales are inspired by the outcome, in 1215, of the arm wrestle between King John and the Barons. There are poems too.

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In the Gloaming

in Shortest Day Longest Night to be published by Arachne Press on 21 December 2016


In 'Mouse', a woodmouse and a child face a long night in a Balkan woodland, small lives in danger in a war-torn country. No children’s story this, it was read as part of Arachne Press's 2015 Longest Night Festival at the winter solstice.


'In the Gloaming' shows Lucia battling her failing sight and the poor light at the turn of the year to embroider an eagle. While she works on its eye, she remembers someone's eagle eye. The story will be read, with music, at Arachne's Shortest Day: Solstice Shorts Festival 2016 on 21 December.

The two stories are part of the anthology Shortest Day Longest Night to be published that same day.

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