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Dozen up

How did it go, the final of the Wimbledon BookFest short story competition?

Twelve cracking stories read to an enthusiastic audience made great entertainment around the theme of The Anniversary. Much amusement too when the audience vote was taken and the result was a tie, between Anne Patterson and Theresa Howes. No one had a clue how to play it. in the end it went to the toss of a coin as to who had the first prize and who the second.

No wine weekend or bottles of wine for me, but a consolation. My 'Gooseberry Fool' had been first in the judges' ranking, and I would go a long way to hear that my use of language to evoke sensuality had put the judges in mind of Keats.

A bit of a stretch I thought, but you can read 'Gooseberry Fool' here.

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