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The Xenophobes Marching Hymn

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

They even hum a version of it in the Home Office, so I’m told by my ever-reliable contact

Blame the Germans, blame the French, Blame the migrant on the old park bench. Blame the Muslim, blame the Jew, Look at me funny, and I’ll blame you.

We love Donald, he’s our man, Supporting whites as hard as he can. Robinson, Bannon both rouse you, Redwood, Mogg and Farage too.

Blame the Germans …

Good old Boris, he’s right back, Mayor, minister, now a hack. Cheers for Boris, he’ll give it a try, For his project is Johnson – me, myself, I.

Blame the Germans …

Nationalists, populists see the light, Racists, Brexiters make it all right. Bring back the Empire, bring back the slave, Make the world know its place, shape up, behave!

Blame the Germans …

Blame the foreigner, blame our distress On them in Brussels for making this mess. It’s all their fault, that’s plain to see, When it all goes tits up, don’t blame me.

Blame the Germans …

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