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To the tune of Lady Franklin's Lament

We were homeward bound one night on the deep Swinging in my hammock I fell asleep, I dreamed a dream and I thought it true Concerning Theresa and her gallant crew.

With a handful of shipmates she sailed away To the freezing Channel in her stable way To seek a passage for food and pills So that we poor voters may not die of our ills.

Through cruel hardships she vainly strove With Fox and Hunt and second mate Gove And Chris Grayling with his paper boats, Hoping and hoping to win some votes.

In Baffled Bay where wild wishes grow The fate of Britain no one may know, The fate of Britain no tongue can tell, Theresa alone with her thoughts do dwell.

And now my burden it gives me pain For my poor lost country I would cross the main, Ten thousand guineas would I freely give To know on which Earth Mrs May do live.

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